Event At A Glance.



The plenary sessions explore the big issues facing Government of all levels and uncover the technologies that leading CIOs are using to better serve their citizens. Join international thought leaders, chief technologists and leading futurists and learn how to capitalise on emerging technologies, digital innovations and future focussed technologies.

Join your federal government counterparts to discuss best practice for implementing an effective cloud strategy, master emerging data analysis tools, transforming your digital services and enabling your team to thrive midst a time of great technological change. To be a leading CIO in Government in Australia, you must learn from the best – join the conversation in the Federal Government stream at Technology in Government.

For the first time in Technology in Government’s 11-year history, we will be featuring a stream dedicated to the issues that are most pertinent to State Government. Join your counterparts from around the country to learn how technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are going to affect your strategy delivery models, explore the future of internal and external communications and how to keep pace with private sector digital services.

Citizen experiences are evolving, being dictated by developments in private sector services that are built on huge budgets. Governments of all levels are striving to keep up with and even aiming to eclipse the standards set by technology companies, banks and eCommerce companies. Join the Citizen Experience stream to learn how to enhance your service offerings, make your digital touchpoints more user friendly and ultimately, better service your citizens.

Why should you attend?
  • Gain exposure on how other departments and states are achieving service delivery and client services goals
  • Learn how to use behavioural insights to ‘humanise’ technology and advance digital change
  • Hear from the largest government organisations in Australia on how they are enhancing their service offerings

The Future Services stream is dedicated to uncovering how emerging technologies and advances in ICT capabilities are helping overcome technical issues faced by technology departments in Government. Engineers and Architects alike will benefit from deep dive presentations which explores the future of back-end technology and its effect on workflow, staff management and operations.


Why should you attend?

  • Discover how to effectively leverage block chain technologies to streamline practices
  • Understand why Open Data is the new Infrastructure of the 21st Century and how this can enhance service delivery
  • Understand how International Government agencies have successfully used block chain technologies to transform their government practices
  • Identify new ways to grow your digital practices to optimise service delivery
  • Learn how to turn data into relevant information

Join the world’s leading cyber risk experts, those creating Australian cyber policies and influential security chiefs from across the public and private sectors. Technologists, department secretaries and security leaders from all levels of government will benefit from this high-level dialogue about the future of cybersecurity in Australia.

Why should you attend?
  • Receive latest updates on the national cyber security agenda
  • Discover key lessons learnt from global leaders and global cyber security incidents
  • Understand the reasons where and why cyber security may be failing in your department
  • Learn principles and quick tips for effectively managing large scale cyber security and balancing time, budgets, and people
  • Gain exposure to departments who have successfully achieved secure mobility, secure enterprise, and built security by design

This stream uncovers how changes in the ICT Procurement landscape affects your technology provisioning. Learn how to leverage emerging procurement resources, such as the Digital Marketplace, advance your contracting practices and develop relationships with members of the vendor community that Government has previously not had access to.

Why should you attend?
  • Grow the digital economy through cost-effective services and platforms
  • Uncover new SaaS initiatives to improve work streams
  • Understand how to harness the power of the Cloud to enable self-service and improve workflow
  • Learn how to move from an infrastructure-centric approach, to an information-centric approach to IT
  • See how to meet the increasing demands of ICT with enterprise-wide information management