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Association and Communications Events   (ACEvents) was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002. Since that time, we have organised close to 400 events (conferences and exhibitions) and brought together more than 77,000 people, including 6,500 speakers (approx. 25% from overseas). Most of our events run in Australia, but we’ve also run events in New Zealand, Dubai, Hong Kong and London.


We specialise in large international-style exhibitions, which run alongside multi-streamed conferences, designed to stimulate, learning, networking, creativity and inspiration. Most of our events focus on how businesses, government of the education sector can use ICT and disruptive technologies to become more effective, efficient and profitable. World-famous events include:  EduTECH; CONNECT EXPO; The Next Big Thing Summit; National Futureschools Expo; Seamless.   Details of these events can be viewed at