Day One - 7 August 2018

9:00 Opening remarks by Chair

Adam Spencer, Maths Geek, Author, Comedian, and Media Personality

9:10 Solutions for a society facing now more serious threats than ever
  • Overview of the government projects that focus on threats beyond our geographic, legal, and digital borders
  • Minister’s view on privacy, big data and government vs consumer data rights
  • What government is working towards
The Hon. Angus Taylor , Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security
The future of work
David Oakley , Vice President and Managing Director, ANZ, ServiceNow
9:50 How to turbocharge your data transformation
  • How US federal data was improved and how we are achieving holistic visibility to $3.7 trillion of US Government spending
  • Research insights into federal grant reporting (worth over $600 billion in revenue), and how the US is working towards automating grantees’ compliance burden
  • Discussion on bringing system-wide transparency for government agencies and the budget saved through holistic visibility of government spending
Hudson Hollister , Executive Director, Data Coalition , President, Data Foundation (USA)
10:10 Morning tea, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
10:50 Estonia's e-Governance: innovation in servicing citizens and businesses
  • Discover e-Government of the people, by the people, for the people
  • Discuss ICT and digital policy trends and the 99% digital government of Estonia
  • e-Residency, Data Embassies, a law for the Robots – what’s next?
Sandra Särav , Global Affairs Director, Estonian Government CIO Office (ESTONIA)
11:30 GovDC - where to next? 
Shae Howard , Director, IT and Digital Government, NSW Government
11:50 Hybrid IT & edge data centres: matching customer experience to customer expectations, best practices, and lesson learned
  • Overview of market trends and the latest research on edge infrastructure
  • Discuss the concept of Hybrid IT & edge computing. What it means for government agencies and organisations
  • How edge computing is having an impact and driving results
  • Define criticality of network and nodes in Hybrid IT
Adam Wilkinson , National Product Manager: Systems,  Schneider Electric
Change fit for the future
  • Organisations don't change - people do. People change organisations.
Jane King , Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management, Australian Taxation Office
12:30 Lunch, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
14:00 ICT Procurement innovation - NSW government’s buy.nsw cloud marketplace
  • Outline of buy.nsw and cloud services available
  • Pipeline of digital and technology services
  • Reforming finance and reporting systems
  • Productivity improvements and budget savings
Natasha Wolf  , buy.nsw Delivery Manager, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Panel: Cloud and Machine Learning , realising the benefits for Government
Machine learning (ML) aims to enable computers to perform tasks that have previously required some human judgement and human involvement. Improved processing capabilities utilising specialised Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in lower priced hardware have propelled ML from solely being the domain of specialised research institutes out into the mainstream, making these exciting technologies more accessible for both enterprise and government use.
  • Cloud enables Government to store larger amounts of data and make it available for ML analytics.
  • Larger datasets enable ML to discover patterns and contexts that can bring efficiencies to Government, e.g: consolidate procurement across agencies and cut costs.
  • Applying ML & big data analytics leads to better evidence based decision making in Government.
    • ML has the potential to improve insights into the needs of Australia’s population, allowing agencies to target service delivery to where they are needed most.
    • Using ML agencies can deliver better services for our citizens, increasing efficiency and saving taxpayer money.
Moderator:  Tony Krizan , Executive Director Corporate Operations & Information, CFO, CIO National Health & Medical Research Council
Dr Werner Scholz , CTO and Head of R&D, XENON Systems
Rupert Taylor-Price , CEO, Vault
Ash Smith , Director, Silver Group
Mike Wang,  Solutions Architect,  NVIDIA
14:40 Panel: Open data in government
  • The good, the bad, and… the ugly? What are we working towards, and why?
  • How do we increase participation to gain better quality and more data to drive government insights
  • US government vs AUS government reforms that improved digital accountability and financial transparency
  • Update on Platforms for Open Data project and how we can all improve digital service delivery with open data platforms
Moderator: Karen Lay-Brew , President & Chair of ABSIA, Australian Business Software Industry Association

Hudson Hollister , President, Data Coalition, Board of Directors, Data Foundation (USA)
Dana Sanchez , Project Delivery, Platforms for Open Data, Data61 | CSIRO
Andrew Lalor,  Assistant Secretary, Data & Digital Branch,  Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
15:00 Insight into the CSIRO Data61's new 
  • Quick overview of the 'Making Australian Government Data Available' (MAGDA) project
  • Recount challenges, obstacles and the solutions found across the task of expanding infrastructure and launching new software
  • Demonstrate key learnings (what worked and what didn’t) in creating the new architecture and interface
Alex Sadleir , Digital Transformation Engineer, Digital Transformation Agency
Alex Gilleran , Developer, Data61
15:20 Afternoon tea, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
16:10 Cloudy with a chance of trust.
  • What is trust? Local cloud providers can demonstrate that we have built trustworthiness into our platforms because we have used trusted technology, we work with trusted partners and we enable trusted government services delivered from secured cloud environments.
  • Trusted technology -  You can trust local cloud providers because you know that they have gone though the security certification process and have designed their clouds to be secure from the ground up.
  • Trusted partners -  We use partners so if things go wrong you have an ecosystem of partners to help you. You are not dependent on only one vendor.
Rupert Taylor-Price , CEO, Vault
AI meets government
  • Overview of the biggest projects happening in government(s) using AI, data analytics, automation
  • If I was a federal or state government CIO, where do I start?
  • What is what small project I could undertake that would get me started on implementing AI?
Prof. Toby Walsh , Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, UNSW Sydney, Data61
16:50 Will robots need passports? Extending the digital id across the Internet of Things (IoT)

Twenty five years ago, on the internet nobody knew you were a dog. Now they don’t know if you’re a fridge pretending to be a dog. Pretty soon they won’t know if you’re a bot pretending to be a fridge pretending to be a dog. In a world of fake identities and fake news, where it is your car’s braking system getting hacked not your credit card, we need to up the priority of digital identity and we need to develop digital identity infrastructure for people, things and bots. This presentation sets out a practical model for digital identity and explores how we might make progress in solving some the key problems.

David Birch , Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services (UK)
Networking drinks

Day Two - 8 August 2018

Opening remarks by Chair
Adam Spencer Maths Geek, Author, Comedian, and Media Personality
9:10 Creating a citizen-centric, digital-experience platform
  • Creating a converged digital experience platform that supports “any device, any location, any time”
  • Moving from a forms-based paradigm to a Conversation AI Platform
  • The value proposition for Virtual Assistants in the citizen-facing digital channel – good for citizens, good for government
Charles McHardie , CIO, Department of Human Services
9:40 How to integrate standards and manage interoperability across geographic borders
  • How do we ensure interoperability of standards between the public and private-sector
  • What were the key learnings from the Gov.Uk Verify experience
Adam Cooper , Chief Architect at ID2020, Consultant ID4D at World Bank Group, & former Chief Architect, UK Verify & Technical Architect, Government Digital Service (UK)
10:00 Transformation acceleration using Cloud Platform +Agile in action
  • Insights and overview of the acceleration of digital transformation
  • How Cloud services and agile mindsets and methods were utilized
Dr Steve Hodgkinson  , CIO,  Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
10:20 Morning tea, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
11:00 Roundtables
Choose between a wide variety of specific topics to discuss and debate with your peers in the public and private sector. This is a completely open forum where you have the chance to split into smaller groups, and attend 3 x 25-minute discussion roundtables to swap ideas and leverage the knowledge and experiences of your peers.

Click for roundtable options

12:30 Lunch, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
Single-touch payroll
  • Why is Single Touch Payroll so important?
  • A progress update
John Shepard , Assistant Commissioner,  Australian Taxation Office
14:20 Decentralised ledger technology regulation - building compliance into protocol as regulation through code
  • Bitcoin is merely an application, a payments application, that runs on the underlying blockchain technology, and blockchain is merely one of several decentralised public ledger technologies.
  • Understanding the potential
  • Outcomes of the technology shift
  • How to harness to create compliance, effectively implementing international conventions and national law
Helaine Leggat  , Principal Lawyer,  Sladen Legal
“Data is to Oil as the Internet is to ...what?”
They say data is the new 'crude oil' - the defining raw material of the emerging digital economy. But the Internet is still a Wild West. What cyber infrastructure is needed to safeguard data supply chains? And what can we learn about data provenance from the past decade of identity management and privacy law reform?
Stephen Wilson , Managing Director, Lockstep Group
15:00 Capitalising on advanced analytics to across structured and unstructured data to accelerate operations and reduce costs
  • Overview of semantic analytics improved operations and outcome reporting
  • Text mining- pitfalls and lessons learned
  • Predictive analytics transformation journey
Tony Krizan , CIO and CFO, National Health & Medical Research Council
Machine learning for service transformation 
  • ‚ÄčLessons learned from rapid machine learning project development
  • Using machine learning for projects with economic and financial impact
  • How to overcome DIY machine learning obstacles: e.g. lack of data scientists, complex deployment, disruption, changing end-users
‚ÄčRoger Rooney,  Senior Project Manager - Smart Parking,  ACT Government