What are they?

Roundtables are small group discussions focused on a particular topic and directed by a central table host who will guide the conversation and facilitate the questions and answers from the participants. This is not death by power-point –the emphasis is on the discussion and debate among the 20 or so delegates sharing the table at any given time. Swap war stories, ask questions, gain a better understanding and then put it all into practice back in your department or agency.

 How will they work?

Running in three rotations for 30 minutes each on the afternoon of August 2nd, delegates will have the opportunity to pre-select which tables they would like to attend ahead of the event. And with three time slots available, there is something for everyone on offer, allowing you to build your own agenda and tailor the content to suit your enterprise and your job function.

Our delegates asked for MORE interactivity and opportunities to share knowledge and a chance to hear what other departments and agencies are up to, which might benefit their organisation. What better way than a high level interactive roundtable format where delegates can tailor their content in line with their current investment priorities. It is a platform to confirm and contrast ideas with subject matter experts, understand available solutions, share challenges with peers and make new professional contacts.