The plenary sessions will explore the big issues facing Governments of all levels and uncover the technologies that leading CIOs are using to better serve their citizens. Join international thought leaders, chief technologists and leading futurists to learn how to capitalise on emerging technologies, digital innovations and future focussed technology and business strategy.

  • Learn how to refresh your IT systems and automated processes
  • Uncover strategies to raise digital literacy across your department
  • Understand how your counterparts are increasing service effeciency while reducing costs



Enhancing the systems that underpin Federal Government Organisations

Join your federal government counterparts to discuss best practice for implementing an effective cloud strategy, master emerging data analysis tools, transforming your digital services and enabling your team to thrive midst a time of great technological change. To be a leading CIO in Government in Australia, you have to learn from the best – join the conversation in the Federal Government stream at Technology in Government .

  • Learn how to get the most out of your systems and people
  • Discover which technologies will change the face of Government services
  • Leverage changes in data storage and sharing, invoicing and procurement legislation



Exploring trends and technologies that are driving State and Local Government modernisation

For the first time in  Technology in Government’s  11 year history, we will be featuring a stream dedicated to the issues that are most pertinent to State Government. Join your counterparts from around the country to learn how technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are going to affect your strategy delivery models, explore the future of internal and external communications and how to keep pace with private sector digital services.

  • Uncover how other states are leveraging their data
  • Learn the key components of successful digital service offerings
  • Collaborate with your counterparts from across state and local government in Australia



Building better outcomes for government and citizens alike

Citizen experiences are evolving, being dictated by developments in private sector services that are built on huge budgets. Governments of all levels are striving to keep up with and even aiming to eclipse the standards set by technology companies, banks and eCommerce companies. Join the Citizen Experience stream to learn how to enhance your service offerings, make your digital touchpoints more user friendly and ultimately, better service your citizens.

Why should you attend?

  • Gain exposure on how other departments and states are achieving service delivery and client services goals
  • Learn how to use behavioural insights to ‘humanise’ technology and advance digital change  
  • Hear from the largest government organisations in Australia on how they are enhancing their service offerings



Servicing tomorrow’s digitally connected community

The Future Services stream is dedicated to uncovering how emerging technologies and advances in ICT capabilities are helping overcome technical issues faced by technology departments in Government. Engineers and Architects alike will benefit from deep dive presentations which explores the future of back-end technology and its effect on workflow, staff management and operations.

Why should you attend?

  • Discover how to effectively leverage block chain technologies to streamline practices
  • Understand why Open Data is the new Infrastructure of the 21st Century and how this can enhance service delivery
  • Understand how International Government agencies have successfully used block chain technologies to transform their government practices
  • Identify new ways to grow your digital practices to optimise service delivery  
  • Learn how to turn data into relevant information




Join the world’s leading cyber risk experts, those creating Australian cyber policies and influential security chiefs from across the public and private sectors. Technologists, department secretaries and security leaders from all levels of government will benefit from this high-level dialogue about the future of cybersecurity in Australia.

Why should you attend?

  • Receive latest updates on the national cyber security agenda
  • Discover key lessons learnt from global leaders and global cyber security incidents
  • Understand the reasons where and why cyber security may be failing in your department
  • Learn principles and quick tips for effectively managing large scale cyber security
  • Gain exposure to departments who have successfully achieved secure mobility, secure enterprise, and built security by design



Improving the lives of Australians through more effective digital services

This stream uncovers how changes in the ICT Procurement landscape affects your technology provisioning. Learn how to leverage emerging procurement resources, such as the Digital Marketplace, advance your contracting practices and develop relationships with members of the vendor community that Government has previously not had access to.

Why should you attend?

  • Grow the digital economy through cost-effective services and platforms
  • Uncover new SaaS initiatives to improve work streams
  • Understand how to harness the power of the Cloud to enable self-service and improve workflow
  • Learn how to move from an infrastructure-centric approach, to an information-centric approach to IT
  • See how to meet the increasing demands of ICT with enterprise-wide information management

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


8:50 | Chairpersons Opening Welcome Remarks

9:00 | Leveraging New Age Technology to Enhance Security and Functionality

  • Uncovering how biometrics have created safer customer touchpoints
  • Delivering a contemporary digital experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Integrating next-gen technology with legacy systems

John Dardo , Deputy Commissioner and Chief Digital Officer,  Australian Taxation Office 

9:20 | Harnessing Emerging Technology: AI & Machine Learning

  • Discovering the impact of AI and the future of work
  • Learn how to build an internal service management layer to speed up tasks across organsiations
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms to automate workflows

Chris Pope,  Vice President of Strategy,  ServiceNow

9:40 | Panel Discussion: Infrastructure versus cloud

  • Discover how to run cost-effective segmentation of resources
  • Learn how to focus on delivering service
  • Understand which IT model to choose for your department

Moderated by Quantum

10:00 | Speed Networking

10:20 | Morning Tea and Coffee




11:00 | Creating an In-trapreneural Friendly Environment

  • How to nurture entrepreneurial thinking from within your organisation
  • Giving your staff the technology and digital capabilities to create
  • Which technologies are essential for enabling innovation

Lisa Rauter,  First Assistant Secretary, innovationXchange,  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

11:30 | Rise of the Platforms: Implications for Government Digital Strategy

  • Rethink ‘Government as a Platform”; the fundamental IT concepts and principles of platform thinking which support it
  • How new architectures open up the possibility of new operating and delivery models
  • Key pillars to support effective government platforms
  • Examples and lessons from banking, retail and government sectors in Australia and overseas

Scott Shaw, Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks Australia

11:50 | Lunch and Exhibition Break 

13:30 | Roundtable Discussions

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14:30 | Leveraging Changes to Procurement Regulation With eInvoicing

  • How to be 60% more efficient in processing payments
  • Trade with a wider and more competitive supplier network
  • Electronically discover more trading partners who are digitally enabled

Emma Dobson,  Director,  Westpac,  Member,  Digital Business Council  and Chair of the  Adoption Working Group 

14:50 | Tackling Cyber Risks With A Culture of Collaboration: The ASX 100 Cyber Health Check

  • What government departments can learn from how the boards of the ASX 100 are taking action to strengthen Australia's resilience to cyber attack
  • Interesting results from the ASX 100 Cyber Health Check
  • Increasing awareness and engagement of cyber risks

Amanda Harkness , Group General Counsel, Company Secretary,  ASX Limited

15:10 | Afternoon Tea and Coffee



11:00 | Ground-breaking Data Analytics from Australian Government Agencies

  • How the ground-breaking data analytics from multiple government agencies was achieved
  • How we can really use data to better understand issues and vulnerable people in our community
  • Best practice tips on data mining, BI analytics, data consolidation platforms, open source, and data management

Peter Worthington-Eyre,  Chief Data Officer,  Department of Premier and Cabinet, SA

11:30 | Ten Key Components of Successful Digital Service Offerings

  • How can you replace services offered by leading private sector organisations?
  • Which governments around the world are driving digital innovation and how?
  • How to make brownfield transformation work for you

Paul Shetler,  Digital Government Expert

12:00 | Lunch and Exhibition Break

13:30 | Roundtable Discussions


14:30 | Creating a State of the Art Digital Environment

  • How to effectively leverage your existing resources
  • Improving processes, collaboration, communication and resourcing
  • Identifying the essentials for dynamic digital services

Damon Rees,  Chief Information and Digital Officer , NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

15:00 | How Can State Governments Collaborate in the Digital Age

  • How can open data create interstate collaboration?
  • Can digital administrative services be interoperable?
  • How can platforms enable a new operating model for government?
  • Is the divide between local, state and federal government being removed by digital technology?

Damon Rees,  Chief Information and Digital Officer , NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Peter Worthington-Eyre,  Chief Data Officer , Department of Premier and Cabinet, SA

15:30 | Afternoon Tea and Coffee


16:10 | How All Staff Members Can Reach ‘Efficient’ Levels of Digital Literacy

  • How to train an aging workforce in digital work practices
  • Learn how a digitally sophisticated workforce can transform your operations and strategy
  • Designing your systems to be user friendly to improve operational efficiency

Rachel Neaman,  Former Chair,  Digital Leaders UK Specialist in digital strategy, transformation, skills and inclusion

16:30 | Panel Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in Government IT and Digital Services

  • How can we further encourage diversity and inclusion?
  • Are private sector technologists enticed by public sector jobs?
  • How can we inspire talent of all walks of life to pursue a career in government technology?
  • Are quotas on gender and ethnicity the best way to encourage diversity?

Rachel Neaman,  Former Chair,  Digital Leaders UK Specialist in digital strategy, transformation, skills and inclusion
Paul Shetler,   Digital Government Expert 

17:00 | Networking Drinks

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


08:50 | Chairpersons Opening Remarks

09:00 | Work Life in the Future - What to expect in 2030

  • How might smart cities evolve the way we work by 2030
  • Robots + Jobs: What job categories are subject to automation? What will robots of the future be capable of?
  • Artificial Intelligence: What does this mean for the workforce of the future?
  • Will the convergence of biotech, ICT, nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies change the nature of workforces?

Shara Evans,  Technology Futurist and CEO,  Market Clarity

09:20 | Refreshing IT to Improve Organisational Collaboration and Productivity

  • Delve into the Department of Finance’s transition to a flexible Electronic Work Environment (EWE)
  • Learn how to futureproof systems and automated processes
  • Deliver seamless experiences for staff, partners and customers alike

Michael Hirschfeld,  Chief Information Officer, First Assistant Secretary, Information Technology and Workplace Division,  Department of Finance

09:40 | Veeam’s Solution-Based Thought-Leadership Session

10:00 | Roundtable Discussions

11:00 | Morning Tea and Networking Break



“Building Cyber Resilience”

11:30 | Opening Remarks by Chair


11:40 | Cyber Security Strategy Recommendations

  • Examples of recent cyber security attacks on the public system/government
  • Which government agencies are most vulnerable to cyber/adversarial attacks
  • Current national cyber security strategy being implemented to prevent future incidents
  • How government departments can improve their cyber security efforts

Alastair MacGibbon , Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security,  Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

12:10 | Achieving Cyber Security ROI and Developing NASA’s Risk-Based Framework

  • How we maintained everything from email systems at NASA Washington, D.C., headquarters to protecting U.S. networks in Russia
  • Lessons learned from fighting 1,484 cyber incidents last year, including numerous attacks from websites or web-based applications
  • How NASA moved away from being the only agency to receive a failing grade on the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard and 3rd last on the Federal Information Security Management Act rankings list

Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz,  Chief Information Security Officer,  NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) (USA)

12:40 | The Future We’re Building

Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz , the CISO of NASA, discusses her recent projects, the priorities of NASA at a national level, and how she leverages time, budget, and people in conversation with Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security,  Alastair MacGibbon .

13:10 | Lunch and Exhibition Break

14:40 | Securing Millions of Highly Sensitive Electronic Health Records

  • How cyber security risks are currently being monitored, detected, and neutralised to safeguard the systems in accordance with the Australian government security standards
  • Taking an integrated approach to managing technology, people, and processes to create a secure digital mobility platform
  • Current agenda at the Australian Digital Health Agency

Anthony Kitzelmann,  Chief Information Security Officer and General Manager,  Australia Digital Health Agency


15:00 | Privacy – Making Best Practice the Only Practice

  • Understanding the value and importance of government held data
  • Identifying the concerns and consequences of breaches
  • Best-practice tools and processes for agencies to get privacy right

Angelene Falk,  Deputy Commissioner,  Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)


15:20 | Mini-Workshop: Why Cyber Security Has Failed, and How to Fix It

  1. Understand the reasons why cyber security is difficult to manage
  2.  See how the problems can be solved with a revolutionary new approach 
  3. Learn the principles for managing smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT)

David Lacey,  Chief Information Security Officer,  BNP Paribas;  Father of ISO27000   (UK)

16:00 | Closing Remarks from Chair


“Building better outcomes for government and citizens alike”

11:30 | Opening Remarks by Chair


11:40 | Mini-Workshop: How We Can ‘Humanise’ Technology and Digital Change

  1. End to end customer mapping
  2. Understanding the nuances of human behaviour throughout digital transformation
  3. How to use behavioural insights when designing technological or digital changes
  4. Case study example of how the BIT has worked with Singapore to manage long-term implications of technological change

Facilitator: Dr Rory Gallagher,  Managing Director APAC,  The Behavioural Insights Team

12:20 | The ATO’s Transformation Agenda

  • Understanding where the organisation needs to move towards in order to improve service delivery and client services
  • Tracking progress against specific criteria
  • The challenges to plan ahead for

Jane King,  Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management,  Australian Taxation Office


12:40 | Driving service improvement through digital channels: the Service NSW experience

  • Setting up a multichannel network with the customer at the centre
  • Designing “customer inside” digital offerings
  • Using customer feedback in service design and delivery

Dr Rachna Gandhi,  Chief Executive Officer,  Service NSW 

13:00 | Lunch and Exhibition Break 

14:30 | South Australia’s Customer, ICT, and Digital Transformation Perspective

  • Describing the modernisation and transformation of the public service: Service SA achievements to date
  • Outlining South Australia’s digital transformation journey and the key lessons learned
  • Budget tips and advice when working through our digital transformation

Sinead O'Brien,  Executive Director, Office for Customer, ICT & Digital Transformation,  Department of Premier and Cabinet

15:00 | How We Improved Digital Operations Service Integration

  • How we use business technology to improve the customer, brand and digital experience of our teams and our customers
  • Addressing the issues of poor processes, and how lousy user interfaces inhibit appropriate use of services
  • Examine how to achieve a seamless future state

Rob Craig,  Chief Operating Officer,  icare

15:30 | Strategies to Enable the Successful Digitalisation of Australia Post

  • Change management strategies to bring about an agile culture into your organisation
  • Identifying opportunities to make the most out of a digital transformation journey
  • How to accelerate infrastructure provisioning through cloud, automation and orchestration
  • Strategies to support bi-modal delivery and implements an IT service model that provides levers to the business

Natalie Field , Head of MyPost Consumer,  Australia Post


“Servicing tomorrows digitally connected community”

11:40 | Opening Remarks by Chair

Mick Motion-Wise,  Technology Architect,  Federal Government


11:50 | Case Study: Public and Private Sector Partnering to Create a Blockchain Revolution

  • Understanding blockchain, prototype development and testing
  • Experimenting with design thinking and learn start-up principles
  • Removing the cultural and infrastructure restrictions

Sophie Gilder,  Head of Blockchain,  Commonwealth Bank

12:10 | PANEL: Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Blockchain

  • How will blockchain transform government practices?
  • What lessons can we learn from the private sector?
  • Where do you see blockchain and government in 10 years' time? 

Moderator: Nick Giurietto,  CEO & Managing Director,  Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association

Sophie Gilder,  Head of Blockchain,  Commonwealth Bank
Loretta Joseph,   Director of Market Development,  Sydney Stock Exchange 
Jennifer O'Rourke,  Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Tech,  Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (USA)

12:50 | International Case Study: Insights Behind the Illinois Blockchain Initiative

  • See how blockchain initiatives have been implemented in the US
  • What is limiting the adoption of blockchain?
  • Understand how to work across government agencies 

Jennifer O'Rourke,  Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Tech,  Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (USA)

13:10 | Lunch and Exhibition Break 


14:20 | International Case Study: Digital Initiatives at the Danish Tax Authority

  • Insights into the Danish Tax Authority’s digital transformation
  • A look into the Tax Authority’s insourcing system development
  • Using open source components to implement in-house

Winn Nielsen , Head of Projects,  Danish Tax Authority (DK)

14:40 | Leidos Solution Based Thought-Leadership Session

Andrew Collins , Chief Technology Officer, Australian Taxation (ATO) Program  Leidos Australia

15:00 | Strategies to Enable the Successful Digitalization in Government

  • Discuss the contention regarding the need for change in leadership and skills
  • A look at changes in tradition roles
  • Discover new engaged models to foster innovation in government

Karin Geraghty,  Chief ICT and Digital Strategist,  SA Department of Premier and Cabinet

15:20 | Case Study: Service NSW’s Knowledge Management Programme

  • A look at “SaaS – Self-Service as a Service” as a way to be digital first 
  • Maximising the value of knowledge through data
  • Discovering data and using it as a strategic asset

Bryan Williams,  Chief Knowledge Officer,  Service NSW

15:40 | Closing Remarks from Chair


“Improving the lives of Australians through more effective digital services” 

11:40 | Opening Remarks

Coretta Bessi,  former Chief Procurement Officer,  NBN Co.


11:50 | Case Study: Shaping ACT’s Digital Strategy

  • The journey to Canberra’s digital future
  • A look at tech: smart parking, integrated platforms and infrastructure
  • Delivering and growing the digital economy through cost-effective services and platforms

Ole Nielsen,  Deputy Chief Digital Officer,  Act Government

12:10 | Case Study: A Look At The Transformation Affecting Defence

  • Moving from an infrastructure-centric approach, to an information-centric approach to IT
  • Meeting the increasing demands of ICT with enterprise-wide information management
  • Developing and implementing a roadmap to consolidate business units and processes

Peter Corcoran,  Assistant Secretary ICT Architecture,  Department of Defence

12:30 | CIO’S PANEL: Developing an Effective ICT Strategy

  • Understanding how to work with industry to make it cheaper and easier to deliver world leading digital services
  • A discussion on how to deliver a better and more accessible digital service

Giles Nunis,  Government Chief Information Officer,  WA Government
Karin Geraghty,  Chief ICT and Digital Strategist,  Department of Premier and Cabinet, SA
Michael Hirschfeld,  Chief Information Officer, First Assistant Secretary, Information Technology and Workplace Division , Department of Finance

13:00 | Lunch and Exhibition Break 


14:40 | Case Study: Sydney Water's ICT Transformation

  • Delivering customer focused, mobile and integrated business through Artificial intelligence
  • Using AI to mine data, predict problems and commission maintenance
  • Discover Sydney Water’s digital journey towards becoming the ‘hyper connected utility’

Jo-Ann Pass,  Head of Digital Operations,  Sydney Water


15:00 | Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

  • Putting into practice and executing the Minister of Innovations ‘Cloud Policy'
  • Establishing a cloud mindset to encourage widespread adoption of cloud services across WA
  • Unravelling the challenges and what the future holds

Giles Nunis,  Government CIO,  WA Government 

15:20 | Government as a Platform

  • The role of government in supporting society and the economy
  • Transparency and accountability in building effective government
  • Moving from closed, centralised models of scarcity towards open, distributed models of surplus

Pia Waugh,  Project Manager,   AUSTRAC 

15:40 | INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: NYS's Award Winning "Quality by Design" Open Data portal with NY's First Chief Data Officer

  • Changing the data conversation from quantity to quality
  • Turning raw data into relevant information
  • Maximising the utility and value of data through analytics

Barbara Cohn,  Former Chief Data Officer,   New York State (USA) 

16:00 | Closing Remarks

Coretta Bessi,  former Chief Procurement Officer,  NBN Co.